About Us!

      (New Valley Co.) Is a leading company in the field of import and export of the finest raw tobacco types from all over the world, it is considered as a strategic partner and registered agent for more than 16 prominent global brand in this field.

Because of the extensive expertise and services distinct and unique in the field of smoke industry, New Valley Company is supplying raw tobacco through annual tenders for the Eastern Tobacco Company (Governmental Company), and also supply tobacco for all the markets and distributors and factories in all of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Jordan (Private Sector).

Based in Egypt, the New Valley Company was established in 1994 as a tobacco trading company that imports tobacco to serve domestic, regional and international markets. Exclusively representing around 16 prominent global brand in this field around the globe, the New Valley Company imports raw tobacco from more than 21 countries.

Since inception, the New Valley Company has established itself as a reputable buyer of high-quality raw material tobacco (dark fired tobacco, dark air cured, sun-cured, flue-cured tobacco, burley, and oriental tobacco); this comes to meet the fast-changing demands in many forms to fulfill client needs (bundles, straight laid, loose leaf, butted loose leaf, strips, by-products… etc.)

By providing its compelling services through annual tenders, the New Valley Company turned to be a key supplier of tobacco products to the state-run Eastern Co. (EC), a subsidiary of Chemical Industries Holding Company which is the state’s sole cigarette producer and a joint stock company engaged in the manufacture and trade of tobacco and its related products.

Enjoying an unmatched and proven reliability, New Valley Company provides EC with all types of tobacco for cigarette, molasses and cigar production. Also, it provides raw tobacco material of black & flavored molasses for the private sector in Egypt.

It has successfully expanded the supply of tobacco to meet the growing demand of flavored molasses and Virginia Bright tobacco in South Africa in addition to the raw materials demand in Jordan and GCC private markets (especially Virginia bright leaf flue-cured tobacco) for Shisha Market.

New Valley Co. has a wealth of experience that assures capability to meet the demand of all types of tobacco which can be imported from key producers in Malawi, Kenya, Europe, and United States in a group of tens of other countries.

Since its establishment, the New Valley Co. was conceptualized as certified importer and exporter operating under the law of the Arab Republic of Egypt with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the tobacco industry.